SUCCESS SKILLS: For High School, College, and Career


I believe that young people want to succeed, but few truly understand how to succeed. I’ve dedicated my career to empowering students and recent grads with 21st Century skills for success in school, career, and life.

I offer personalized coaching, tailored presentations, and customized workshops. Students will enhance their performance in the classroom and create a skill set that employers value. Corporations will benefit from training employees in skills that improve collaboration and productivity.

For Parents, Teachers, and Students

As parents and teachers, we want to equip our students with skills for success. If you are looking for help reaching this important goal, look no further. I provide expert advice to parents and teachers to help their middle school, high school, and college students:

✔ Develop key academic success skills for high school and college

✔ Develop leadership skills

✔ Make a smooth transition to college

✔ Achieve educational and career goals aligned with their strengths and values

✔ Build career-readiness skills such as communication, time management, collaboration, critical thinking.

✔ Articulate skills and abilities on applications for scholarships, awards, and college, and jobs

For Companies and Organizations

Do your members or employees need training in leadership and soft skills? I can tailor a program to your needs. Some example topics:

✔ Professional communication

✔ Working effectively in teams

✔ Goal-setting and accountability

✔ Critical thinking and problem-solving

✔ Professionalism

Contact me at or 574-727-5363 for more information.