3 Easy Tips for Summer College Preparation

Published May 30, 2018

Not sure what your teen should be doing to prepare for college this summer? I compiled a few of the best activities high school students can do to prepare for college and get the most financial aid.

1. Look for scholarships.

Visit websites dedicated to compiling databases of scholarships such as Scholarships.com.  When school starts this fall, have your teen set an appointment with their high school counselor to get additional information for local scholarships.  Also, look at 529 plan sites for college savings strategies.

2. Get to know colleges better.

Whether your teen is a first-year student or an incoming senior, there are a variety of activities to explore colleges. These are just three:

  • Review both admission requirements, average admission GPAs and test scores. By reviewing admission requirements, your teen can narrow down colleges to those with the best chance of admittance.
  • Follow social media accounts of selected colleges from their list. Following social media accounts is an easy way to learn about colleges in the years prior to college visits, especially if following your major’s academic department.
  • Take college tours of top five or so potential college choices. There’s nothing like seeing a college in person and talking to staff at academic offices, financial aid, and career services when making college decisions. This is an activity for both juniors and seniors.

3. Invest time in test preparation.

It’s no secret, higher test scores boost chances of admission and scholarships. The good news with a new study from the College Board shows 20 hours of study on their free site Kahn Academy boosted SAT score by an average of over 115 points. To make four years of college cheaper, 20 hours is a pretty good investment. Prepping for the PSAT in early years of high school isn’t a bad idea either.